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Relaxation Resources
Deep Breathing
Deep Breathing
Links to deep breathing techniques.
Yoga Deep Breathing
Gain additional insights into the nature of the breathing processes, and how to attain additional relaxation through them.
Breathing Exercises
Various deep breathing techniques explained.
Learning Meditation
Introduction to the basics of meditation and the reduction of stress.
Meditation - The Art of Being
A resource for beginners to meditation.
Acem Meditation
Information for beginners and practicioners, on courses, the practice itself. Includes essays and reports by practitioners.
LightShift 2000
Information on Global Meditation. Includes ezine.
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
National organization representing those with an interest in biofeedback.
Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
Founded to promote a greater awareness of biofeedback among European health professionals. Online bulletin board, announcements of conferences and training workshops for clinicians, information about research projects, and similar information.
EEG Spectrum
Neurofeedback Research and Clinical Services. Information, articles, and case histories involving the treatment of wide variety of disorders with biofeedback. Good amount of information for professionals and the layperson.
The Biofeedback Network
A wealth of information related to biofeedback.
Biofeedback Zone
Biofeedback products and resources for pratitioners and home users.
What is Biofeedback? description, history, uses and how biofeedback works.

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